Q: Are there age limits for the tours?
A: Our age limits are 5-60 years old for snorkeling, 12-60 years old for diving.

Q: Are there any height restrictions for the tours?
A: The minimum height requirements are 100cm for snorkeling and 140cm for diving.

Q: Does OBCA offer tours during the winter ?
A: YES! We provide our tours 365 days a year. We provide wetsuits to protect against cold water, so you can enjoy snorkeling and diving year round in Okinawa.

Q: Does OBCA have english speaking guides?
A: We have guides who speak English, Chinese and Japanese.

Q: Can I join the OBCA tours if I cannot swim?
A: No problem! You can easily join the tour even if you can’t swim.

Q: Do you use a boat to go to the Blue Cave?
A: We do not use a boat for our tours. We will meet inside the building next to Cape Maeda parking and then walk down the steps and enter the water at the coast.

Q: Can I join OBCA’s tour alone?
A: Sorry, we require two or more people for each tour.

Q: Can I join OBCA’s snorkeling tour and diving tour on the same day?
A: Yes, you can. If you chose to do both tours on the same day, we will offer the tours at a discounted price of 15,000yen per person for both of tours.

Q: Can I take a shower after a tour?
A: Yes, you can. Please read “About the Facilities at Cape Maeda 2"

Q: Does Cape Maeda have parking?
A: Yes. Please read “About the Facilities at Cape Maeda 1"

Q: What should I bring on day of the tour ?
A: Please bring a towel, swimwear and a change of clothes. If you have a long hair, please bring a rubber band for your hair.

Q: How can I get photos of the tour ?
A: We will send them by email within three days of your tour.

Q: Can I use a credit card to pay for the tours?
A: Sorry, we accept only Japanese yen cash.

Q: I have a myopic vision, do you provide prescription masks ?
A: Yes, we can provide prescription masks but do not provide astigmatic masks. If you usually use contact lenses, we recommend you use them.

Q: If it rains on that day, will the tour be canceled ?
A: We will decide if we will cancel the tour by the oceanic condition. If it’s raining but a oceanic condition is still good, we can conduct a tour.

Q: Can I join OBCA’s tour if I am pregnant?
A: Sorry, you cannot join our tour because we have to walk on uneven ground.

Q: Can I join OBCA’s tour if I have a medical condition?
A: Please check our “http://okinawabluecaveagency.com/en/notice.php”.

Q: Can I join OBCA’s tour under the influence of alcohol?
A: You WILL NOT be allowed to join our tour if our guide suspects you are under the influence of alcohol.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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