How to ride on a bus in Okinawa (#7, #8, #10, #12, #32, #49)

– You can use only coins and 1000 bill.
– Please prepare exact change, if you don’t have exact change, you can use the change machine on a bus.
– You can use only OKICA, other IC cards are not accepted.
– Most drivers cannot speak English.

<Rules of Bus Etiquette>
– Don’t smoke on the bus
– Turn your phone on “silent mode” and don’t talk on your cell phone on the bus.
– Turn down the volume when using ear/head phones.
– Keep your voice down when talking to your companion(s).
– Don’t bring any food that gives off a strong smell.
– Don’t throw away any trash and take it off the bus with you.

<How to Check the Destination and Bus#>
① Bus#, waypoints and destination
② Route
③ Bus#
④ Bus#, departure place, waypoints and destination
⑤ Bus#
※Display forms can sometimes be different.

<How to Ride on a Bus>
(1) Enter the bus through the back door.

(2) Touch your OKICA to ① the reader or take a numbered ticket from ② the small machine next to the door. You need the numbered ticket when you pay the fee, so please don’t lose, fold and break it.

(3)Press a button
When your stop is approaching, press one of the buttons on the wall to signal the driver that you wish to get off at the next stop.

(4) Check the fee
You can check the bus fee on the monitor at the front of the bus, next to the driver. Check the number on your ticket and the corresponding fee you will have to pay on the monitor. If your numbered ticket is 8, you will have to pay ¥430.

(5) Pay the fee
bus10 bus1 bus11
If you pay the fee in cash, drop the EXACT AMOUNT into ① the fare box.
If you do not have the exact fare, use the changing machine to get small coins. ②The changing machine for coins,③the changing machine for 1,000 bill. You can get coins in ⑤the tray after changing.
If you pay the fee by OKICA, touch OKICA to ④the reader.

(6) Get off the bus through the front door.

If you have any questions about our tour, please contact us in English, Chinese or Japanese.



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