100 yen sushi go-round “KURA SUSHI" Part 1

100yen sushi go-round restaurants are so popular in Japan. The BIG 4 sushi go-round restaurants are Kura zushi (Kura sushi), Hama zushi (Hama sushi), Sushiro and Kappa zushi (Kappa sushi). Okinawa does not have Kappazushi . We introduce “KURA SUSHI" today.


Now there are 5 branches in Okinawa. Their full name is Muten Kura Sushi – Muten in Japanese means artificial-additive-free.

(A) AEON Mall Okinawa RYCOM
Address:4 city block AEON Mall Okinawa RYCOME in the Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa addition land readjustment project district The 2nd floor of Rycom Village A
lat/long:26.314959 127.797380
MAP CODE:33 530 348
Business Hours:Weekday 11:00-23:00, Weekend and Holidays 10:20-23:00

(B) Toyosaki
Address:1-411 Toyosaki Tomigusuku
lat/long:26.159375 127.660009
MAP CODE:232 544 673
Business Hours:Weekday 11:00-23:00, Weekend and Holidays 10:20-23:00

(C) Chatan
Address:3-1-3 Mihama Chatan
lat/long: 26.320992, 127.758346
MAP CODE:33 556 036
Business Hours:Weekday 11:00-24:00, Weekend and Holidays 10:20-24:00

Address:4513 Nago Nago
lat/long: 26.608514, 127.988106
MAP CODE:206 688 530
Business Hours:Weekday 11:00-23:00, Weekend and Holidays 10:20-23:00

(E) Across Plaza Furujima Ekimae
Address:1-19-2 Mekaru Naha
lat/long: 26.229428, 127.701923
MAP CODE:33 219 104*07
Business Hours:Weekday 11:00-23:00, Weekend and Holidays 10:20-23:00

Basically one plate is only 100 yen (without TAX).

They also serve ramen, tempura, sweets and so on.
image image

Every table has a tablet to order. You can choose Japanese, English and Chinese.

Kura sushi uses special covers to keep sushi clean and fresh.

As you slightly pull up the edge of the plate, the cover will open and you can get your sushi.
image image

You can get dishes that you ordered on the upper ‘high speed’ conveyor.

If you have any questions about our tour, please contact us in English, Chinese or Japanese.

email: okinawa.bluecaveagency27@gmail.com



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