How to Get Cape Maeda by Bus from Nago

Travel time is affected by many factors including traffic signals and traffic condition.

【From Nago Bus Terminal】
Take #120 or #20 bus at the Nago Bus Terminall, get off #120 or #20 bus at Kuraha. Take #48 bus at Kuraha, get off #48 bus at Maeda, then walk to Cape Maeda for 10 minutes.

《#20 or #120 Bus : Nago Bus Terminal→Kuraha》
Fee: ¥1,120 Travel Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
#20 & #120 Bus Schedule at Nago Bus Terminal

《#48 Bus : Kuraha→Maeda》
Fee: ¥160 Travel Time: 5minutes
#48 Bus Schedule at Kuraha

【From Maeda Bus Stop to Cape Maeda】

After getting off the bus at Maeda bus stop, you can see the store, walk Prefecture Route 6 toward the store.

Turn left at the blue sign.

【From Kuraha Bus Stop to Cape Maeda】
You can walk from Kuraha bus stop to Cape Maeda, it takes about 20 minutes. It’s very hot in summer, so please be careful of heatstroke.

After getting off the bus at Kuraha bus stop, you can see a T intersection named Kuraha, turn left at the T intersection.

Turn right at the blue sign.

Not many buses run on #48 route, so you can get off #20 or #120 bus at Renaissance Okinawa Resort bus stop and take a taxi. It takes about 10 minutes, the fee is about ¥900.

If you have any questions about our tour, please contact us in English, Chinese or Japanese.



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